The Designery Tutorial


How long does it take to receive my design?

It takes 2 minutes for you to receive your design in your inbox.

How to save a design to edit later?

Add your design to cart, and press edit, when ready to adjust design.

Or, choose 'Save Design', and it will save your design on the device you're working on (as long as you don't change browser/device, cookies expire or you clean your cache.)

How to share a design before purchase?

Click on 'Share', and copy URL to share.


How to add text?

Click on the 'Text' buttton ('A" Icon).

On mobile: make sure to press 'Add Text' after typing your text.

How to replace text?

Click on the existing text, and on the right hand side of your screen adjust it to your liking.
On mobile: make sure to press 'Update Text' after adjusting your text.

How to adjust a title graphic?

On some of our designs, we have included a title which is an image, as our customizer cannot adjust such text with complex effects.

To solve this issue, we have included in the 'Images' section different options for event names. (Example: Party, Event, Festival etc.)

If you would like to have other adjustments made, our in-house designer can do it for you, and please contact us.

How to adjust Font/Size/Color?

Click on the text you wish to edit. On the right taskbar, you can adjsut the font size, text color, line/letter spacing, text alignment and apply a text shadow.

What is a Text Box?

A Text Box limits the text to a certain area, causing the text to adjsut lines automatically, without having to press 'Enter' to adjust your text to your page.

You can adjust the size or shape of the textbox, using one of the dots at the edge of the box.

Why is some of my text not visible?

Your text is limited to the shape of a Text Box. drag the bottom dot of the text box, to add more room for text.

To remove the text from a text box, just click on the 'Text Box' button.

How to add curved text?

Click on the 'Text' buttton ('A" Icon).

Type out your text, and press the 'Curved' button.

Click on the middle black dot under the text, to adjust the shape.


How to upload images?

Click on 'My Gallery' (Up arrow icon).

Select 'Upload Image'.

Select image from your device.

How to remove an image background?

After uloading an image, an option will pop up, if you would like to remove background.

Choose 'Auto Detect Background' to have our system detect the background to remove.

Choose 'Manually Select Background' to choose which color to remove

Choose 'No Remove', to keep image as is.

How to place an image in a shape?

Click on an image.

On the taskbar under 'Mask' choose which shape to mask your image in.

How to adjust an image in a shape?

Click on the image.

Click on the green icon to adjust the positioning and size of the image in the shape.

Click on the orange icon to adjust the size and shape.

How to replace an image?

Click on the image.

In the taskbar, choose replace image.

How to crop/add effects to an image?

Click on the image.

In the taskabr choose 'Edit and FIlters'.

In the pop up screen adjust your image.


The Designery + Branded Design Partnership

The collaboration between The Designery and Branded Design is a testament to the power of brotherly love in the creative world. These two dynamic forces have merged their expertise and passion to form an unstoppable team, seamlessly blending their unique design approaches to deliver exceptional results. Their partnership is marked by a shared commitment to innovation, a deep understanding of each other's strengths, and a genuine camaraderie that fuels their creative synergy. As they unite their creative visions and talents, The Designery and Branded Design continue to redefine the boundaries of design, leaving an indelible mark on the industry and showcasing the beauty of true brotherly collaboration.